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    Photo TR: Pre-Season Stoke (may contain real snow) - Rollins Pass, CO

    Headed up to Rollins Pass/Corona area today to see how it had fared from the last few days. I would have been excited to just straight-line some frosty grass and call it a day. Made it up to about 11,400 by car where our stoke overwhelmed us and we had to ski...

    Mounted up for the best meadow skipping I've had in 4 months.

    Tried to head the rest of the way up to the pass because North and East aspects appeared to be where the "action" was. But instead spent the next hour trying to dig out my car because I was a littttle bit stuck...

    Got unstuck and headed back down to the trees by Rifle Sight Notch. Took a few shorter laps there and called it a day.

    All in all. Not a bad afternoon in the mountains with the pooch and the lady.

    6-8 inches around 11,500. I imagine west of the Divide it's filled in enough to get slightly more adventurous than we did.
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    Sick! Looks like fun out there. Heard there was a 12"+ in areas in my neck of the woods. In laws are in town so couldn't do any adventuring this weekend

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    Stoke of highest October caliber. Thanks for sharing man.

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    Nicely done.

    I was up on Jones yesterday and able to drive most of the way up. Found 8-12" and there's likely more in protected areas in Butler at/below treeline. Felt great to get the uphill legs a workout and always fun dodging rocks on the descent. Hit plenty of rocks, but no core shots. Another 12" should set up most areas well.

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    Sweet! Love the case of the overdrive you had - my xterra eggs me on all the time. Lotta shovel work thanks to that car's ability.
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    I'm an idiot and didn't have a shovel or any sand in the car for the season yet so I spent an hour trying to dig out using skis as shovels...

    PappaG, the eastern aspects of Jones looked a little more full than what we skied, but 12 more inches and it will definitely be on in certain places.

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    Looks good lets hope this winter is better than last year in Utah
    If ski companies didn't make new skis every year I wouldn't have to get new skis every year.

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