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    Arrow Meet my Trailer - Any mags making the slog to AK via road from lower 48?

    Any ski pilgrims making the glorious drive to AK between now and next summer?

    Here is the deal:

    I've got a small Carolina Skiff (J16, no more than 750 including trailer/gear) on a trailer sitting in New Jersey. I am in Alaska. It costs too much money to ship commercially, so I'm looking for a cheaper way to get it up here.

    I'm hoping to find a mag who won't crash and is driving to Alaska anyway, and wants to cover a bunch of their gas money by pulling this thing.

    I realize that NY/NJ to Alaska may not be the most common drive, so I've already been looking into getting it further west. I've got a line on moving the boat/trailer out to either Salt Lake City or San Francisco areas, but I'm willing to try all kinds of tricks to get it out to some convenient pick-up point if you are making the drive to AK. In short, lets talk, and maybe you can help a desperate boat owning dude out.

    Side Note: If you are in the SLC area, and might be willing to have a boat sit in your lawn/driveway until next spring for the price of undying gratitude, some beer, and any crappy ski gear I can afford to priority mail from my junk box, feel free to volunteer too!

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    I'm an unemployed class A commercial driver with a capable pickup truck. Valid passport, no border crossing issues.

    I would do the entire trip for $4000.

    I would drive it to Washington for $3000

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    I may be able to drive it up to AK if it is ends up in WA late this feb or March or possibly later this spring/summer.. pm me for details

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