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Thread: The end of film

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    DR5 is a great way to get B&W slides like the old Scala film. I haven't used their service for some years, but those slides on a lightbox are really cool! At $15 a roll to develop, it definitely makes you focus on getting it right in one shot. I have been planning to get back into film but using a Ricoh GRiii is just too easy atm. This site formerly Apug is a fun one to geek-out on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The AD View Post
    With film there's always the thought in your head "is this scene really worth my effort of getting the camera out and using the exposure on it?" With digital you just keep clicking and delete the ones that don't turn out.
    I definitely hear ya on that. I have no problem shooting a ton of digital images without giving it much thought, but that's kind of the problem. When I'm done, I have a ton of digital images that look like I didn't put any thought into them.

    When I shoot my 4x5, I am happy with a third to half of the photos I take and will print them. With a digital camera, that is closer to 1/200.

    That being said, I went out today and got a new little digital camera, because something I will actually take with me is a far more effective tool than the fancy pants stuff I leave in a case at home. At least for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dunfree View Post
    The interesting part to me is the people interested in recreating historic pre-film photography, like this guy:
    He's not the only one. @b7lab is a master at it and even has a mobile studio. I was lucky to meet him miles out in deep playa doing insane shit with his rig. Another buddy of mine who is a pro photog just dabbled into the heavy chem game this last week: @bankercinefoto

    Both on instagram.
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