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    Quote Originally Posted by MJbumper1121 View Post
    Promising.... I think it's about time I sketched out every ski's dimensions that I've also been lurking over as well...

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    Quote Originally Posted by esales09 View Post
    Phil, where and when did you demo the 99? Also what length and construction? Just curious because I ski them on a daily basis and have skied the bonafide and mantra as well. I agree that the bonafide is probably the best choice for an EC skier that stays out of the backcountry. But I find my 184 pure 99s to be very playful and rewarding. I also feel like that I can make pretty much any turn in any situation on them. I have about half of season on them ~25 days and love them, but I spend a lot of time in the BC and its not my every day choice for skiing at the resort in most conditions.
    Marshall send a pair of 184's last year at my shop. We did check and put a proper tune on them.
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    If you like the idea of a lighter touch ski that will slay east coast trees but can carve, the Armada TST.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beyond View Post
    If you like the idea of a lighter touch ski that will slay east coast trees but can carve, the Armada TST.
    Picked this ski up last spring. I have yet to ski them, but I chose them over the S3 and PB&J due to their increased running length and stiffer tail. (192's)
    Reviews seem to be fairly favorable- mounting mine tele with NTN. I like a lot of sidecut in my skis, so the short turn radius was a plus.

    Other skis in the quiver:

    189 K2 Seth's (yellow)
    189 Icelantic Keepers
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatsupdoc View Post
    4FRNT Cody looks like it would fit the bill based on specs.

    I fondled a pair and they look nice. 100 ish underfoot, something like a 19-20 m radius, roughly medium flex in the tips and tails, medium stiff underfoot. It's got tip and tail rocker but the rocker is subtle (not a ton of splay). Also a bit tip and tail taper. Mild camber underfoot. It looks like it would be fun in soft snow with the rocker/taper. Nimble with the shorter radius. But enough running length and enough tail that I imagine it would be pretty stable in firmer snow as well.

    It's got the 'mega block' core. I own the MSP which also has this core. Sturdy and damp. The MSP is full sandwich construction and has a lot more camber. Cody is semi cap. So I imagine the Cody would give something up on groomers to the MSP, but in soft 3D snow it looks a lot more fun.

    I'm looking forward to trying this ski out this winter.
    I demoed these one fine powder day in March, and to say they're "nice" is putting it mildly. The above supposition is pretty much dead-on; they ski really well just about anywhere, but uber-deep days may not be their thang. I have no doubt they could handle it, it's just that there are better weapons out there for the truly deep. They turn on a dime, but they're not squirrelly...solid underfoot but really nimble and playful. I now own a pair of 179's, and will be putting the new Guardians on them.

    If you're looking for something burlier and more of a hard-charger, get the Turbo, tho; another killer ski for what its intended role in the quiver supposedly is.

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