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    Scoring a smith river permit(mini TR)

    Step 1. Have everyone cancel for a sat put-in on memorial day weekend

    Step 2. Find a buddy and a boat

    2 guys, 4 cases of crappy beer, case of good beer, handle of whiskey, 3 bundles of firewood, ton of food, and required "safety" supplies

    Step 3. Don't be a pussy!

    a couple of random shots

    why yes those nachos are cooking in bacon grease and have chili, ham, cheese, and bacon

    and some shitty iphone fish pics that my buddy took

    excuse the hippy

    I would love to float it in lower/clearer water and better weather but eh what can you do. oh and forgot to get the pics of the elusive mountain whitefish. Hopefully whoever dumped their boat this same weekend made it out ok.
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    Not only did you guys go for it considering the crappy weather, but you did it in style - beer, whiskey, and bacon-grease nachos! NICE.

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    2nd, way to make the most of it.

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