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    F.S. 14'X24" Maravia Cataraft Tubes

    Pulled the trigger on a new set of cataraft tubes yesterday, so I need to sell my old tubes off the rest of what I owe on the new boat. Do not be afraid to shoot me an offer. $900+Shipping

    1. Maravia 14'X24" Cataraft tubes. $900 Purchased from Ptex1 in the fall of 2009. Has spent less than ten days of the water since tubes were purchases. Tubes have been stored inside when not in use and have had a treatment of 303 after every use. There is one small patch on one of the tubes that was professionally done. I purchased a larger set of tubes this spring, and don't have any need for these tubes.

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    wow, those look like they're in great shape. 303 after each use?!? Anal much?

    Wish I was in the market...
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    I wish my spider frame would work for these. If it did, I would buy.

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    As long as this frame would fit it would be super cheap setup. I would most likely buy if I wasn't in transition.

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