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    Surprised no one has mentioned Fallkniven yet. Little pricey, but they are the shit for sure (and very no-nonsense). Been considering plunking down for an F1 (or S1) for a while now. Probably will, now that this thread has it back on my radar.

    The Morakniv's (hadn't heard of those) look pretty nice too though, and are at a slightly better price point (Garberg Stainless seems closest to standard F1 - $100 vs $125). Definitely not as pretty as Fallkniven though, IMO.

    I am not an Opinel believer at all. They've got a classic, old-school charm, of course. But functionality- and durability-wise, there are many, far better choices.

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    ^I had a hard time deciding on a fixed blade. The Fallknivens and Bark Rivers was high on the list, but I ended up with the BM Puukko 200 with the 3V blade. It's just about perfect for my needs with a few minor shortcomings. Sheath is so-so and spine needs some sharpening if you want to throw sparks with it. That said, I was able to dink around with a friend's BM Bushcrafter, and that thing was a joy to use, and felt like it was made for my hands, but a little more knife than I really need.

    For folders, if your state allows you to carry autos, I highly recommend that route. The fidget factor is off the charts!
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    I take a Buck 119 (fixed blade) and a Victronix (Swiss Army knife)
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