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    Hawiian Glide SUP - anybody know anything about them?

    Found a CL ad for these guys while looking for a used SUP in Seattle Area. I guess they are stopping at a few west coast spots early summer. Their site is (which looks like it has a 4th grader as webmaster), and they have a phone number on the ad (808-651-4753).

    The SUP's in the pics look really nice but there's so little info available, it seems a bit risky. Wondering if anybody has any info or experience with them? Thx!

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    You know wha? The design of SUP's are kind of borrowed from place to place. Meet up with them before buying and test a board out. Also, the board you buy depends a lot on conditions you are going to be riding.

    My shaper buddy is making me a SUP thats about 10 feet. Some rocker, not to much. Using it on cruising waves and when its flat just for fun.
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