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    Anyone know the G Spot?

    Looking for a new bike, and I'm thinking about a Cove G Spot. Anyone here ever ride one?
    I'm looking for a bike that can go up, but really loves to go down. Fast, flowy, bermy type trails are my favorite. I like to hit smaller airs, but no big ones anymore cause I'm old and frail...
    The G Spot seems to fit the bill, but would like to hear from someone who's ridden one.

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    G-spot is a myth, like the yeti and unicorns.
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    After the first three seconds, Corbet's is really pretty average.
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    I mean, it's not your fault. They say talent skips a generation.
    But hey, I'm sure your kids will be sharp as tacks.

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    There are Yeti's in Colorado.
    Are there G-Sports in Colorado too?

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    Here's some information on that might help:

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    Ive been on one for about a year. It fits what you are looking for as far as flowy, jumpy stuff. I mostly rode at the Trestle park last year at Winter Park and it was great for everything there (lots of flowy stuff with a little of everything else). As the frame is on the heavier end of things it isnt the greatest bike to do lots of pedaling with but I would say it pedals about as well as the reign x I had before it.
    The one weird thing about the bike is the lack of ISCG tabs. You have to buy a little converter that slides over some grooves machined into the bottom bracket shell that has the tabs on it. I talked with some of the buys from Cove and they have been happy with a BB mount chain guide.
    Let me know if you have any specific questions and Ill try and answer them.
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