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    Fork Question

    Quick, and most likely stupid, question which hopefully someone has some experience with. I have an oldish (2005) surly 1x1. It currently has the 80mm fork on it and fits like a glove. I have other mountain bikes so this one has been sitting in a corner being sad for a while. Anyway, to bring it new life i was thinking about putting some flared dropbars (woodchippers) on it to turn it more into a bikepacking rig. I borrowed a buddy's woodchippers and bought one of those silly high rise stems - but even that didn't get the drops high enough to ride in without like 4 or 5 inches of spacers (which just makes me sad from deep deep within). Anyway, to solve this, I was thinking of getting the new 100mm fork instead. I realize this will change the geometry a bit so i was curious if anyone had direct experience with this? I know the surly troll has a 100mm fork and, from what i understand, is apparently the exact frame with a bit lower standover (which i dont really care about - plenty of room to let the dice roll). Would this essentially be the same bike? Can anyone comment on either the troll or a 1x1 with 100mm fork?? Words of advice, comments, questions, heckling, momma jokes, etc highly encouraged.

    Thanks for any and all help.

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    Changing the geometry with a 20mm longer fork won't make a drastic change in the handling of the bike, but I'm definitely sure you will notice the change at first. You'll get used it after a few rides...

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