Liquid Logic is giving away a Stomper in the latest sweepstakes. Also, the following accessories are included:
Liquid Logic Stomper (either size) - $1099.00
LL Speedloader 50 throw bag - $78.95
Werner Powerhouse Glass Bent Shaft Paddle - $344.95
Immersion Research Lucky Charm Skirt - $149.95
Kokatat Ronin Pro PFD - $224.95
Five Ten Water Tennies - $129.95
Shred Ready carbon full face helmet - $249.95
Shred Ready elbow pads - $29.95
NRS pin kit - $199.95
Sweet Shadrach dry top - $349.95
Sweet Shambala shorts - $117.95

Sick package. I know this this post is spammy, but thot it was worth posting because it is quick and easy to enter and the prize is off the hook.