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    Review: Down Countdown 3

    Ski: Downs skis Countdown 3, mounted "Down the line"

    Me: 29 years old, been on skis since I could walk, last 9 years about 70-130 days on skis per season, can ski pretty much anything, no flippyspinny stuff, just spread eagles and duffys. 105kg in boxers, strong legs, cool sideburns, long hair and sexy beer belly(sorry girls, already have gf).

    Other skis I like: Praxis Powderboards 190cm, Salomon X-wing Lab, Atomic Atlas 182cm, ON3P C&D, Atomic Big Daddy(108mm&120mm) and so on.

    I have been on these now about 10 days, skied icy crusty snow and heavy powder & some groomers on the way to goods. Construction and finishing of ski is really good. Top sheet is not chipping and bases are bomb proof. I have found some rocks and had some pretty hard hits, but skis ended up just with small scratches at bases. Same hits with Atlas for example and there would have been lots of base repair to do. Only "negative" thing with hard bases is that they seem to need quite frequent waxing.

    Crusty snow: Felt really close to my old Praxis. No catching edge or any other problems. Makes breakable crust almost fun to ski.

    Heavy powder, wind affected powder: Float well, you can carve turns or just slide, it does everything easily. Haven't had chance to try them in light powder, but I don't see problems with float even with it's quite stiff core. Nice tip rocker, not too stiff tip and nice profile too. Should float well. It makes you want to play around and jump of stuff, but if you want just point it can take it too. Breakes through old tracks and doesn't chatter around in chopped pow.

    Groomers and hard snow: Holds edge well, carves nice turns if ski can sink just a little bit. Totally manageable on ice too, ofcourse it's not a gs ski.

    Conclusion: Pretty much perfect ski to do it all. Especially here in Europe, where don't have bottomless pow all the time.

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    Sweet, that answered my question in the other thread. I´ll have to try them when you and Veikko are up here!

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