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    Canon 7D shutter count

    Hey all. So I have scoured the internet and it seems there is no easy way to determine the shutter count of a 7D on a Mac. BUT, people have had utilities work well on both Linux and Windows.

    Soooo, do any of you have the capability to help me out? Does it have to have the camera mounted to the comp or can I sendspace you the most recent RAW file I shot? It's just for a sanity check.

    Mucho thanks.

    PS... I did try this which people claims works but for some reason I can't even get homebrew to install on this machine...

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    There's a thing called eoscount that I just used.

    Don't know if it works on a mac.

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    From looking at the site it says only Internet Explorer on a windows machine is supported.

    Brought to you by Carl's Jr.

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