Hello, this is my first post, so let me introduce myself. I live in Burlington, VT and have been skiing in our fine state all of my life, mostly at Mad River in the last few years. Also, please spare the n00b any flames

I have some Factor 130s and think they're from 2010 or 2011. In any case the walk mode parts are all black except for the metal flat bar that is fastened to the boot by a removable rod. This little rod (or pin? bolt?) is made up of two pieces: the rod itself, which is female-threaded, and a male-threaded bolt; both pieces have hex heads.

I skied this as my only boot from the end of season last year (after my Lange 150s had cracked beyond repair) until I started having problems with this walk mode bolt in the early season of this year and decided I needed a beefier resort boot. Went with Nordica Doberman 120s and, man, what control compared to these touring boots!

Anyway, what I've noticed is that the act of flexing the Factor while in walk mode (i.e. walking) has a tendency to loosen the removable rod I've talked about above.

The first time this rod unscrewed itself I didn't notice until I went to make a turn and was tele-ing. The rod was missing, but there was no damage to the boot, so I figured it somehow worked itself out. I got a new part from the OGE and made sure to tighten the two pieces of each rod every time I use the boots, which from then on was only backcountry days. However, last week I visited a friend in Colorado and skied at Loveland Pass and Eldora, and the final day at Eldora noticed the same problem. Luckily I felt play in the boot before the rod came out completely and didn't lose the part. I keep two replacement walk modes around, especially on tours, but would like to prevent this rod from falling out. I think installing it with Loctite or something similar is probably important.

1. Has anyone else noticed this with their Factors?

2. Do any engineers or tinkerers have ideas for a burlier replacement part or modification?