From the Aspen Times this week:

Harvey T. Carter's nickname gives a pretty good indication of the kind of guy he was, according to former colleagues on the Aspen Mountain Ski Patrol. Carter was called “Balls” when he worked on the mountain in the late 1960s and '70s.

“That name applied all around,” said Gene Clausen, who worked on the Aspen Mountain ski patrol from 1968 until he retired last November. “It didn't matter what it was.”

Carter was a legendary rock climber who achieved a remarkable number of first ascents on all sorts of terrain — from red-rock spires surrounding Moab and in other parts of the Utah desert to the alpine cliffs of Independence Pass and Glenwood Canyon.

Carter died Tuesday in a hospice in Colorado Springs after a long battle with prostate cancer, according to Cameron Burns, of Basalt, a climber who became friends with Carter in 1994. Climbing blogs listed Carter's age as 81.

(Classic line in the comments too: "Back in the 70's he petitioned the skico to ban all skis under 205cm on Ajax. I guess it didn't fly.")