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    Scarpa NTN binder. What do u think?

    Been doing a bunch of research on these, deciding between the NTN's or Axl's for next years tele/tour Clamp choice. Ive tried the axl's. Def a bomber binding. Never seen the NTN's tho but the tech looks crazy on em... Any reviews??

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    Guess you should search some more, been discussed here plenty.

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    First, Scarpa doesn't make them, Rottefella does.

    Second, they are completely different systems for completely different purposes. Check over at T-Tips for enough info to make you want to puke. Searching for "NTN" here is futile though.

    I have NTN, but I don't tour. They're great for the resort however. They really make the downhill a gas! I'm a believer. I should also say I'm not a "purist", so since I don't have a set of 3-pins and leathers sitting next to my bottle of patchouli oil in my "100% made of renewable resources" greenhouse and hemp shed, so my opinion officially doesn't matter.
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