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    Secret Stashes (smoke shack article in Westword)

    From this weeks Denve Westword by MMJ dispensary reviewer William Breathes

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    Ski resort "smoke shacks" have the bowls that really count
    A A A Comments (17) By William Breathes Tuesday, Feb 28 2012

    Three minutes into the seven-minute ride on the Super Gauge Express chairlift at Winter Park, one of my guides turns, pulls down the turtleneck of his red ski jacket and says, "I think I'm not feeling safe enough. I think we should get safer."
    Soon I'm following the two skiers and one boarder through a double-black section of glades covered with about a foot of loose powder wind-loaded into the trees overnight on top of crusty, week-old snow. In my wake are jagged boulders, fallen trees, spear-like branches and stumps. We stop for a second, and I learn that there are cliffs about 500 yards to the right. Usually the snow is good enough to ski them but not this season. So we veer downhill, to avoid going over the ledge like Gore-Tex-wrapped lemmings.

    After dropping another hundred yards down the pitch, we come to a more mellow part of the woods, where the tracks are a bit more packed down. Those tracks converge at a flat spot, where my guides have stopped in front of a clump of trees with what looks like a snow-covered stack of firewood at their base. By the time I've carved my way down to them, my guides have ducked into the entrance of Frog Hut, a hobbit-sized wooden shack camouflaged from view.

    Secret shacks and huts like this exist in the woods not just at Winter Park, not just at ski resorts across Colorado, but across the United States and Canada. And they're all designed as places where skiers and boarders can duck in for a quick warm-up and sometimes to get safe mountain slang for puffing a quick bowl. It may seem counterintuitive in a demanding, athletic sport, but getting stoned is an intrinsic part of the snow-day routines of many skiers and boarders. Some say it helps them focus on the singular task very literally in front of them; others enjoy the spiritual connection with nature often provided by a joint of good herb.

    The anonymous trio I'm with has been meeting at this hidden hut for years, getting safe before heading back out into the knee-shattering moguls of a nearby double-diamond run. Though other skiers, snowboarders, mountain managers and ski-patrol members certainly know of the Frog Hut's existence, the spot is still officially a secret, and I've sworn to keep its location secret, as well. (I've also promised to keep the identities of my guides respected members of the Denver business world confidential.)

    Read the rest here

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    But how is writing about it in the Westword "keeping it a secret"?

    Just leave it alone or eventually Intrawest or Vail resorts will put down some sort of BS rule oulawing the use of any and all non sanctioned lodges on their land lease. It's not a secret if you tell everyone about it in a public forum.
    "That's what she said."

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    Beat me to it. I read this article today while I was eating my Big City Burrito. The author better not be a maggot.

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