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    Saw Cake live- FAIL

    So I went last minute, ended up with box seats looking down on the band.

    One of the worst, lack-luster efforts I have ever seen live. They were 25 minutes late to start (rare for our theater)
    Then they played 6-8 minutes of this odd recorded music that totally sucked.

    Then after 7 boring, deadpan songs they took and intermission for 30 minutes. We split.

    I like a few of the songs I have heard but man they sucked live.

    The GF started rolling her eyes after a few songs and twisting her in her seat and I knew we were heading to the truck.

    I asked her if she they were playing in a bar would she pay $10 to see them? F NO!

    The crowd would go crazy every time the keyboard player would play a few notes on the trumpet.

    Very odd night. Any fans want to refute/ discuss?

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    That's strange, as I've seen Cake several times and they've always been solid. Must've been an off-night or a sh!tty crowd...
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    I've heard this about Cake from various sources. However, the time I saw them play they totally rocked the house.

    They did have that weird shitty intro music though, and I was similarly unimpressed with that part.
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    Saw them play outdoors a couple summers ago, decent but definitely not one of those shows where the band just kills it live. Probably wouldn't pay to go see them live again.

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    I've only seen them once, and for a few reason only saw the first half of the show... but that half rocked...
    must be hit or miss.

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    Saw them once and had the same experience. The crowd was giving them shit for being late and not into it so they started talking shit back and most people left.

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    Nothing really to add, other than laughing at myself ... I thoght the name of the band was "Saw Cake" .... Live music should always be better.

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    I saw them at a New Years Eve show a couple years ago and felt they were really lackluster then too. They started on time but took a massively long intermission and were not on stage at midnight. They didn't really seem to be into what they were playing, either.

    Really unfortunate as I like their studio stuff and was looking forward to finally seeing them live.
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