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    This aint a holiday..... TR

    , but it always turns out this way!

    Audioclassic while reading:

    Well well, It's been a while since a proper TR from me. Since teachers in Germany tend to have holidays once in a while I decided to use our latest dump, which arrived right on time for my holidays, to my stoketastic benefit. And according to the forecasts it was very wise to do so because it looks quite bleak.
    And i Succeeded. Partly at least.
    The good things: I skied 5 days of good pow mostly at the Arlberg and in Switzerland. My girlfriend can board again despite her shatterd wrist which she received while dropping 3m to a cat track a month ago. And I Could ski some open terrain, which i haven't done in the storms before.

    It started on Thursday and we went to the Glarner Land skiing some mellow deep pow. Avi danger was 4 and we heard a lot of "whoomp there it is" noises and had settling cracks in sub 30° terrain, so i was pretty happy that i decided to stay away from Engelberg. The open terrain would have scared me. (Although it looke dnice on the webcams ). Face shots, pillow gaping, creek crawling (yeah we got INTO the gully just fine!) and all the usual danger day activities were involved.

    The next day saw me on a solo mission to the Arlberg (Where everything was closed on the deep Thursday) because my riding buddies “didn’t want to get up sooo early” and my gf had some stuff to do at her uni work group. So I met some guys on the parking lot in Stuben, made them happy because I explained the name “Ullr” to them (They had been guessing who or what it is for the whole season because of my powder Alarms over at ) and skied really sick Pow in Zürs all day which was quite safe despite a supposed 4 on the scale.

    The next day I went to Stuben with the gf and a non online riding buddy because, yes, they had been closed on Friday as well. Another quite interesting day was spent on the way down to Langen. Within the first run Jacob turned into a fan of the countdown 4 I borrowed him because he didn’t have anything fat at hand . He was still raving about the ski the next day. With the last line of the day Jacob and I opened up the face from the video to which I returned the two next days with good visibility. Just when I had eased myself into the skiing there I crashed quite hard and destroyed my duke. (I managed to get it into touring mode while ejecting and thus destroying the metal thing which is connected to the golden switch).

    Then I went back for more At the end of the second day some snowboarders followed my tracks and traversed my last line, but when I went to the car they skied the face again and at least one of them rode a really nice line. So I was stoked for them and didn’t yell “stupid gapers traversing the nice face” anymore.
    Here is some crap I shot during those days:

    And don’t forget to support

    Video from the last few days.(And yes I'm not a pro and was scared after my first fall )

    Thursday: deep pillowy goodness

    quite some snow in the alps... Glarner Land, BC

    the never boring "hey look it's deep" shot!

    This is what happes if the photog (me) is worse than any other amateur out there

    we had fun in the trees because anything which wasn't glued on to the mountain wanted to slide.

    stuben was nice, but we didn't take any pictures except this further down. The trees were much nicer than the alpine because the wind had ripped everything to pieces above treeline.

    I returned two more times to ski the face. Unfortunately only to be shut down by visibility the first time. The 10-20cm of blower on top of the previous real storm weren't bad though .
    the gf doesn't mind skiing grey blower though...

    this was the easy part of the face in the video. did I mention the 15cm of blower on top of the nice 60cm of pow which were there?
    well yeah in case you forgot:

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    Nice, forgot what teh deep looked like.

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    awesome dood! vibes to killswitch. i know how that feels.

    looks like you got lucky with your holiday break. my wife's is next week. peeesten carvin time!

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    TWas nice to see,,,,,,fkna its deep
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    Nice one!
    Looks now like the pow is over for a little while.
    Let's hope for the best.

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    Looks like you hit everything in prime conditions, creamy that is.

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