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    DIY ski rack for bike

    Thought I'd post up a few pictures for my custom PVC ski rack for my bike. I liked the idea others had used for a piece of sewage pipe attached to a rack with hose clamps, but also wanted to have somewhere for my boots as I find it uncomfortable to ride my bike in ski boots and I hate having anything on my back.


    Old beater bike with knobbly tires: free
    Rear rack from MEC: $15
    Mudguards from MEC (not essential but nice): $30
    28" long 6" diameter sewage pipe: free
    28" long 4" diameter sewage pipe: free
    4" end cap: $1.50
    2 x 6" hose clamp, 2 x 4" hose clamp and 4 x 1" hose clamp: $10
    Plastic milk crate: free

    Total cost including bike: $56.50


    Attach 6" pipe to a vertical on the rack with 2 hose clamps
    Repeat with 4" pipe (optional - I want to just toss my poles straight in). Try to snug the 4" pipe as tight to the 6" pipe as possible to stop movement
    Glue end cap to bottom of 4" pipe
    Place milk crate on top of rack (obviously offset due to PVC pipe) and use 1" hose clamps to crank it down and attach to the PVC pipes

    I now just drop my skis in the 6" pipe and the bindings hold them in. I drop my poles upside-down in the 4" pipe and the end cap holds them (holes drilled in end cap to drain water). I put a bungee round the side just to stop the skis rattling. Ski boots go in a bag in the milk crate. For riding, it's a little bit wobbly at really slow speeds but you get used to it. Any faster than about 5mph and it's fine. I probably could drop the height of the pipe by about 6" just to get a lower centre of gravity but it seems to work fine for now.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm just jealous that you live within cycling distance of a chairlift. It would take me two full days to ride to the lifts.

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    Anyone else got some good bike rack ideas? I like biking to the local touring area, but don't like strapping the skis to the top tube, need a better system this year.

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    I think you a few ski straps could get you 95% of the way there, carry it like this:

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    I think that's the style he wants to get away from. You're not going to get any better than that for decent weight distribution. Your pack have easy a-frame or diagonal carry?

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