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Thread: demo bindings?

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    demo bindings?

    i can get a really good deal on some rossi 912s from my friend who would buy them from the shop he works at. i'd be getting them for about 100 bucks. the thing is, they're demo binders. so my question to you genius maggots is: whats wrong with demo binders?
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    I personally say go for it! I know some people around here will beg to differ but I am skiing on a salomon s912 demo binding and I think it skis just fine. Seeing that I work in a shop lots of times when a demo ski is trashed the binding will just be stripped off and thrown out, so I tend to grab 'em and use them for myself, no problems as of yet. As I said before, in my opinion, you should go for it.
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    THe trade off for demo bindings is that you can reposition your boot on the ski, which is nice. Unfortunately you have a little added weight, they raise you up higher, and they can have a little slop from time to time (this all depends on the model) but you really won't notice it. I say go for it if they are a good deal and in good shape.
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