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    TR: Skiing Low Tide @ Telluride, CO - 01/13/12

    Groomers, Ski School & Epic Views!


    January 8th - 13th, 2012

    Location: Telluride, Colorado

    Weather: Sunny, no new snow, few clouds saying hello

    Riders: Skier666, Mrs. 666, child 6'er

    Cameraman: Skier666

    POV VIDEO Skiing Low Tide @ Telluride - 01/13/12.....

    Music: Joe Seven - Untitled Monotone


    It snowed 4 inches the day before we arrived. Before that, two weeks of sunshine and no new snow. But with the snow guns loaded with prime Colorado powder, we prepared for finest corduroy carpet East of Appalachia. The off-piste was chalky, wind effected, and a tad bare but nothing a few lagers at lunch can't fix. Add the fact that the 3 year old skied 5 days straight, you cannot ask for a more perfect family gnar trip.

    Begin family trip:

    No snow in the Sierra, so naturally that means epic weather in SF...

    Another day, another run to the bridge...

    Scored this puppy at Amoeba...stoked!

    The news showed the first snowpack survery...yes, he poked that patch of snow.

    Off to T-ride, SFO to LAX...

    Off to Montrose...LA says goodbye...

    Upon arrival a mere couple of inches fell the day prior...sun in the forecast for our entire stay.

    First day, first views....

    Revelation bowl and the Mrs makes some extreme turns...

    ...taking in the view

    Above treeline bump city...

    Hard to not take pics on your first day. Don't believe me? Try it sometime.


    The Mrs finds a few pockets of fun & sun on Gold Hill...

    The little guy begins skiing in group lessons...father = tears.

    Reward for skiing...

    Another day, another vacant lift line...

    At the top of 15, we practiced memorizing our line...

    Vitamin D is very important...


    Ahhhhhh.....need to come back when this stuff is in play.

    'So you're telling me to pizza when I want to French fry?'

    There's a mighty long DOUBLE GREEN from the top of 15...

    ....miles and miles of DOUBLE GREEN down to chair 1

    In the afternoon, dad takes a couple laps down Revelation Ridge to search for wind deposits and jump some rocks on the bottom of skiers right...

    bye bye sun, it was a fun day...

    Drove over by the airport to watch the sunset...

    iPhone shot from top of Gondola into town...

    Its now the 13th, snowguns still on full blast...

    last day for carve patrol....

    A couple See Forever laps with the wife....

    Groomed bliss...

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    Nobody here....

    Next to Nastar down to Mountain Village...

    'wait for me!'...

    Another lap????

    Why not?

    Best mountain lunch I've ever had...gotta go big on your last day

    Yes...that's a heat lamp...

    I think I'll make some tipsy turns up there...too bad the fun part is kinda closed....

    Some fun stuff on 96mm underfoot...

    One last hike over to Genevieve...

    Last day of ski school warrants a celebration of sparkling water...

    Last night...see ya T-ride...

    Nite nite groomer....

    Flying is always fun with kids...especially since those damn cars fall on the floor every 10 secs.

    Approaching the Diablo Range of the Bay Area of California...

    Some trippy visuals to welcome us back to the land of no snow...

    Always fun to arrive home with awaiting packages...

    Til' next time San Juans...

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    That is awesome. I enjoyed those same skier right rocks in R bowl. And I learned that chair 10 is a great spot to rest up, eat some lunch, have a beer, play scrabble and check in with the office.

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    lil sixers outfit is so steezy!

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    In the swamp
    Fun! Love T Ride

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    Thanks - was there a couple of days before your family. About the same, but would love to be there w/ more coverage and things open.

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    see forever is the most gnar groomer evar! love that run
    thanks for the stoke
    stay outta my line

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    Maybe not the usual dirty xxx/666 porn you throw up,

    but a really great tr.

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    Yeah, LOW TIDE.... That's what it looked like BEFORE the three feet of fresh snow that we just got!
    Glad you had fun!
    Leave No Turn Unstoned!

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    See Forever is gnar. Because you see that airstrip and wonder why did I fly into here. LOL

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