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    Lost tranceiver @ Stevens Pass

    So somehow it fell out of my pack somewhere inbounds on the front-side today. We recovered other contents of the pack and an eyeglass case that turned up at lost & found, but no tranceiver. Likely places it could be are just beneath Tye Rock, the high entrance to Tye Bowl if you cut right under the lift and stay high (or somewhere in that "pocket" just before you actually drop into the bowl), and possibly somewhere in the Wild Katz trees (skiers right). It's a Pieps DSP. I'm not sure if I had it on or off when I put it into my pack and we tried searching around with my friend's beacon but no luck.

    Not sure who turned in the eyeglass case or where it was found so that's some information that I don't have. It could mean it fell out somewhere else on the front-side.

    Anyway, if you guys see anything, please let me know.
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    They should be able to find it using a recco search unit.

    Crystal have done this with headcams. The circuitry (in a powered off) electrical device is enough to bounce back like a recco patch.

    Nice protocol dude.....
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