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    Quote Originally Posted by skizix View Post
    Just the powder skirt and nothing else? Kinky mofo! Are there entire websites dedicated to that?
    I wish.

    Got distracted and my search ended.

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    I'll add to the onesie suggestion earlier on keeping snow out.

    For deep days, nothing is better.

    Snow stays out 100%. Wanna jump into 4 feet of pow and snow angel? Go for it with the onesie.

    But also, wind can't sneak in on the lift. Finally, the heat from your legs spreads to your core keeping your legs drier and torso warmer.

    Scored a Strafe Sickbird suit in Mammoth a couple of springs ago for 1/2 off. Way superior to the pants/jacket combo. It only comes out on powder days, and really comes through on those storm days. I took out my powder skirt on my jacket, because I don't wear the jacket on storm/deep pow days anymore.

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    skirts are for girls unless youre this dude or u yardsale a lot

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    What about the powder cape? Izzit making a comeback yet?

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    Did best and skizix miss one of the most prolific and entertaining threads of the decade?

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    On bluebird days - i follow ahmeds style and unzip my jacket! its all about the steeze!

    Obviously the skirt would stop my cape from flapping around. Yeah and no backpack no worries!

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    I took the powderskirts out of all my jackets until I started wearing Flylow Quantum jackets. It sits low enough, doesn’t ride up and keeps wind, cold and snow out. On deep days, I snap it onto any of Flylow’s pants. Well thought out and very functional setup.

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