So, I ordered these boots and they frankly don't fit my foot . . . so I need to sell!! I hope somebody can take advantage of this deal - retail value is $500, I'm asking $380 + shipping

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From's description:

A whole mountain of fluff awaits your relentless pow-slashing, and the Rossignol Women's Electra Sensor3 100 Boot provides a medium-fit and women-specific performance for lapping up the goodness. Like the fine line you thread through your favorite tree stash, this boot finds balance between comfort, control, and power for hard-charging. And with the Feminine Intuitive Technology and a medium 100mm last you'll finally have the fit and features you've been craving while riding up the lift and ignoring your cold and sore foot.

With a 100 flex rating, this boot matches the ambitions of true lady chargers, especially in soft, deep snow
The exterior of the Sensor Fit liner matches the shape of the shell for more precise control, while the liner's interior anatomical padding eliminates pressure points
A Sensor3 shell features a medium width (100mm) to fit the middle, or average range of foot shapes
Feminine Intuitive Technology arms your foot with a Tulip cuff, down toe box, and oversized buckles to match your narrower ankles, lower calf muscle, and chilly toes
The narrower boot board, shaped instep, and asymmetrical toe box directs power straight to the polyether shell and then to your ski for maximum control
The neutral stance means you get a laterally neutral cuff, 4.5 degree ramp angle, and 14 degree forward lean for attacking the mountain without mid-morning pain
Notches in the instep yield easy entry without the need to partially deconstruct the boot