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    Southern California Paddling?

    Hey ya'll,

    Just moved to orangecounty from colorado and am looking for some advice or partners to paddle with out here.

    I have done a little research on the San Gabriel River, but have no idea where to put in/out and what to expect. When can you typically run the river and forks?

    I've been riding waves infront of my house in newportbeach but am JONESING to get back onto some whitewater!


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    The closest Whitewater to you is the Kern River, it has everything from class II to class V+...grab your paddle and pray for snow in the Sierra's so we'll all have some runoff to paddle this spring!

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    I looked into this a few years ago, but have never paddled any SoCal rivers. Can't find all the book marks, so info is from memory. All the runs are post rain except, (?) creek that has dam release for some days each year.

    East fork of San Gabriel put in is Cattle Canyon bridge and take out is the reservoir. Sounded fun, from what people had online. 3 miles, constant gradient class 3. North (?) fork of San Gabriel is pool and drop class 3, also about 3 miles and ends in the reservoir.

    Found an account of someone on the Santa Margarita near Temecula, class 4(?) and remote.

    Would be interested to see a TR if you go exploring.

    Like Flaskman said, the closest real river is the Kern.

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