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    AK Outlaw review

    Ski Make: AK
    Ski Model: Outlaw (will be out in '05-'06)
    Ski Length: 178?
    Dims: 115-78-102 ish?
    Snow Conditions Used In: Cord, deep slop, windblown pow, groomer
    Number of Days Used: 1
    Your Ability: Whatever
    How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 20
    Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 20
    Other Skis You Like: Nordica Beast
    Your Height/Weight: 5'10" 165 lbs.
    Mounted: Freerides at Boot Center

    i wanted to rent a touring set-up to better access some of the brevent/flegere at chamonix for a day this past weekend and got handed these babies, brand new. the techie was a little concerned about the rock threat, but had just mounted them up and was itching for some to take them out through their paces.

    first of all, they're pretty damn light. probably in the realm of 3 kg, though not quite as light as a volkl snow wolf. flex was pretty round, but not too soft. on the snow, they felt light and nimble with loads of edge grip. being my first AK experience, i'm not sure that they're all like this, but i have to say that the edge feel on these puppies was something special. you could really feel how the edge was working without being subject to the jarring part of that equation. they're ruled the corn, but got bounced around a bit in the heavy junk and windblown stuff.

    i did feel that the mounting point was a touch forward. however, i also felt a bit back-seated in the freerides w/ zero ramp angle. it was a very odd feeling, and the 2 didn't really cancel each other out.

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    Dimensions sound very close to the 180 NKO

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