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    TR: Business Casual: A PNW Roadtrip

    I started a micro business lecturing to ski shops and medical professionals on the ins and outs of ski boots. I had to get to Seattle for a lecture.

    At the top of Teton Pass. It's pretty steep and I don't like taking the bus up- but slow and steady -2nd gear and 25 mph.

    This was a great overlook about thirty miles South of Pendleton, Ore. On the interstate it was prominently mentioned a few times, and after drive up a two track- I got here. It was at this point the road started getting nice. I have a few Pendleton shirts- it was great to see the original mill- built with state of the art technology- in 1909 still going strong.

    Looking out towards the Cascades. It was beautiful. I rarely drive interstates, but this time I did. It worked out great I found it relaxing. Cops are always looking for the guy going 92 mph, not me.

    I got a new Specialized Eskar 2.3 tire. My Redline Monocog is a great bike. It goes everywhere.

    Behind me is an apple orchard. I couldn't figure it out, maybe half of the apples were on the ground and rotting. The other portion on the trees had mostly been eaten by birds- maybe the farmer wanted the trees to lay fallow for the year. They were great apples.

    A montage of popular shots from Seattle. Pike's Place Market, An awesome Reuben Sandwich at Market House Meats "serving Seattle since 1947", Some fog light/public art in the bay at Seattle, and a really cool hat store- Byrnie Utz Hats in down town Seattle. They had been in business since 1932. It was the coolest store I went in. Old art deco made out of oak with curves glass displays. It was beautiful. And besides, the guys who work there had it going. They were looking the part.

    I was able to ride around the Microsoft campus. It was pretty nice. They had a meager visitor center and I kinda expected to see more. Still it was nice to see them give a shout out to the Atari 2600. That was a life changer for me. I think it was seventh grade on a huge piece of furniture called a Zenith Colormaster. I remember once our TV was on the back cover of National Geographic. It excelled at showing Atari game screen.

    Me on the ferry to Bainbridge Island. I stayed a t a friend's house and we went out to a favorite pub to drink some beers:

    Washington State Capitol in Olympia:

    And inside the capitol. I love to visit state capitols. I figure I've met close to 25-30 governors just by knocking on the door and saying "Hello".

    Crashing outside the Dakine building in Hood River. Dakine is a large player in backpacks in the ski industry. It wasn't long before I met some employees from Full Sail Brewery and had a great time. Hood River has a great vibe.

    I always enjoy seeing petroglyphs. I've posted about my lucky days hiking to and seeing ancient Native American rock art. I love it. I was an Anthropology major in college so I know a little about it- really just a little.

    I got to meeting the employees while drinking beer and reading a well thumbed local guide book at the bar. I mentioned I wanted to take a 3-4 hour hike in the morning... A guy said, "...petroglyphs are here..."

    And I said... " Oh Yeah!"

    At Columbia Hills State Park the trail to the main rock art area had been closed- surprise- because of vandals. I wanted to poach the trail, but I didn't want to be explaining my way out of a ticket. In the fifties, they moved a few of them to a central area. These are those:

    Crazy Hungry Bird Guy:

    This cool bird caught my attention:

    Look at all these elk playing basketball:

    This crazy angry guy looks like he had a rough night with the Full Sail employees:

    I've always had a thing for geographical trivia- I guess I got it from my Dad. "Farthest East", "Highest Point", etc all have fascinated me. This is a great one in Central Oregon- just north of Baker City

    The Idaho State Capitol. It was beautiful inside.

    I had a meeting in Boise. When I saw ski shops I just dropped off my stuff, it was great. I went into some really nice shops. Then I wanted to go to Sun Valley, so I went via Idaho Route 20. It was a great and desolate road. I'm sure it get plenty of traffic in the Winter, but today I was alone. I was tored of driving and took the 'ole Redline for a spin out and back this dirt road.

    I think I got my bad gas in The Dalles, Oregon or Biose. I've now performed considerable research into the evils of Ethanol. Humidity, water in fuel and ethanol are not good bedfellows.

    I had to drain my tank- after hobbling to a grocery store parking lot. What a mess. It was raining and snowing, I'm laying under the bus to fix fuel shit and pissed.

    My search for the perfect Vanagon Bumper has ended. I have this guy's contact info if anybody wants it. He was a great guy. It is exactly what I have been looking for. Also, he puts a 1.8 TDI into a Vanagon. Isn't that bumper beautiful?

    "...The weather started getting rough...the tiny ship was tossed..."- this is out in the middle of nowhere on the Idaho National Energy Laboratory. Some crazy secret stuff and R & D goes on there and just some normal stuff. I got a VIP tour for members of the Jackson Hole community a few years ago. It is probably the coolest thing I've ever done. A VIP all day tour of the US Capitol was right up there as well.

    In Idaho Falls after a harrowing drive. My Van loves the hot weather. But hey it did well today. It still ran a little rough, but keeping good gas in it was key:

    The perfect 14" tire: Maxxis Bighorn. I can't believe how quiet it is, great traction and no problems in the snow. I'm a fan- and they look great too!

    I sat down @ Barnes and Noble in Idaho Falls for a few hours and the weather started to clear. I made a bread for it and drove home. I kept the tank topped off with high grade and the Vanagon ran like a champ!

    Thanks for reading! I may add some more pics later...

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    Excellent road trip TR. Thanks for posting!
    Quote Originally Posted by powder11 View Post
    if you have to resort to taking advice from the nitwits on this forum, then you're doomed.

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    nice, was fun to read and such

    have a great season upcoming..

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    nice trip. oregon has a mandatory 10% ethanol in gas law. its ruined my chainsaw, string trimmer and im replacing the carb on the splitter now cuz of that shit. eats the rubber seals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steepconcrete View Post
    nice trip. oregon has a mandatory 10% ethanol in gas law. its ruined my chainsaw, string trimmer and im replacing the carb on the splitter now cuz of that shit. eats the rubber seals.
    Yeah it was a bummer. I was stuck in Sun Valley/Hailey, Idaho for 2.5 days figuring it all out.

    I once listened to a passionate greeny make a compelling case against Ethanol. Now I understand. All arguments aside, it's not even a good fuel.

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    Fuck ethanol. Great TR!
    Something about the wrinkle in your forehead tells me there's a fit about to get thrown
    And I never hear a single word you say when you tell me not to have my fun
    It's the same old shit that I ain't gonna take off anyone.
    and I never had a shortage of people tryin' to warn me about the dangers I pose to myself.

    Patterson Hood of the DBT's

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    very awesome roadtrip TR!!

    would have liked it better if you brought along a dog :P

    thanks for posting... hit me up if you're ever in SF for business, beers on me!

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