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    Bozeman TR, First week in Aug.

    Rolled in into 4-Corners with the family the first week of August to molest some local rivers with a local long time buddy. Ended up mainly fishing the Madison since it was fishing the best.

    Hit the Yellowstone one day, tough fishing as it was pushing 9k in town. Landed some big fish dead drifting a streamer, no pics though since the river was raging, making it impossible to stop for photo ops.

    We then concentrated on the Madison for the next three days. The evening time produced the best fishing, actually it went fucking OFF in the evening. The last three hours of the day were the best, all the way until dark. Fish were gladly eating dry/dropper combos. Each night, between myself and my buddy we landed over 100 fish in those three short hours. You would get a fish on every drift, nice fish too. I lived in the area for 8 years and fished the shit out of it and those three days were some of the best I have ever witnessed. Plus there was not one other fisherman around, which was really strange since the areas we fished are not top secrete, like anything on the Madison is. Here are a few photos from 4 days of slayage.

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    Those are some beauts!

    mice stoke!

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