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    TR: Some pics from this weekend in the Wasatch

    Had a great weekend shredding in the Wasatch. Friday we skied the bird with a bit of fresh and under bluebird skies

    Fresh canvas

    1thelady1 rips it with Superior in the background

    yours truly, skiing a buried feature in the cirque

    and leaving it

    putting the landing gear down in mineral

    After Friday afternoon got a bit warm, Saturday was nothing to write home about. We did make the best of it though scoring some fresh lines off the knucklehead traverse before low vis shut that down. An extended beer-o-clock brought the fun factor back up and last tram provided a fun ride with friends.

    1thelady1 off the knucklehead traverse

    On Sunday we planned to tour up from White Pine into Maybird, with Myskishaveboobs and another buddy. The day broke blue and morning hiking conditions were prime, beautiful day to be out in the mountains.

    The wasatch got some snow this year

    1thelady1 gets it started

    This little guy had tracks all along the skin track, cool to see him

    a long while later, the maybird zone came into view. Unfortunately the clouds were approaching about as quickly as we were.

    We picked this zone thinking the far-off (relatively) north facing terrain would have held snow the best for the couple of warm days since the last major snowfall. Conditions on the slope actually exceeded all expectations. It wasnt quite pow, wasn't quite corn. But a few inches of soft on a supportable base that skied like natures perfectly manicured groomers. We dubbed the surface, "porn".

    Unfortunately the light was pretty poor by the time we descended

    After the first lap we noticed a windlip near the bottom of the zone and thought it be fun to hit it after the next lap. We built a bit of a kicker into it and then headed up for lap 2.

    Lap 2 provided more of the same great backcountry groomers, although at some point it was decided that i could go first hitting our newly created booter. Not wanting to look like a chump or anything, i took a good amount of speed into it (maybe...10x too much), and then proceeded to throw a 60 foot unintentional half backflip. Seeing only sky for several seconds was pretty scary, but all ended fine. Here is a stitch of the massive overshoot

    Shakin, but not prepared to end on that note we did give it another shot, this time with a slightly less abrupt kick. Better.

    After the second booter session, we skied the rest of the line on more porn snow, but when we hit the woods the snow seriously changed over. The next 1000 or so feet were pure survival, on deep mashed taters down to the ... stream.
    Here Myskishaveboobs makes a plan of attack on Little Cottonwood Creek

    Shenanigans ensued, 1thelady1 crossed in thigh-high water to avoid the possibility of falling in alltogether, but eventually all crossed safely.

    Still not done though, another nice chunk of mixed climbing back to the road awaited us

    A quick hitch back to the lot, and the day was complete. Never a dull moment, and another super fun couple of days skiing the wasatch.

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    Very nice! Lucky bastard! Enjoy.
    The Passion is in the Risk

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    i'm laughing, always enjoy naton humor

    not sure S's skis still have boobs

    can't believe the amount of snow on the bridge still, holy shit

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    Another winner from the naton! looks like a good time. Pretty sure I spotted "myskishaveboobs" , have not seen him around in a while

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    thanks for sharing ...nicely done and looks like a blast......
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