I recently returned from a week in bend and 4 days at the mountain. Last sunday was one of the worst days on skis I can remember (ironic that it was my fist day back) with conditions increasing drastically as the week went on.

After the spines created by rain draining off the snow froze, and about 4 inches of snow fell tuesday, some very strange terrain was created. Wednesday morning access to the cirque was possible by traversing under the lift (the hike was closed) and the ridge was so iced over it created YFYD (or at least don't leave with a mouth full of teeth) circumstances in order to access the goods.

Some of those turns were absolutely fantastic once you got in there, due to the fresh snow and absolutely KAVU weather-one could see Adams to the north, Shasta to the south and the Wallowas to the east. The ridges formed by rain were a blast to play on: McConkey style side slips looking a lot like 200 ft rail slides were to be had all over Cow's face.

Thrusday provided 40 degree tempatures at the summit which left us wondering if it was april or may. All in all it was some superb spring skiing and a great way to start the season.

Sorry no photos, I lost my camera at our recent christmas party
oh, and my new-used pair of Lp's felt burl at first, but after I got my shit together, theres no other ski I would rather have been on.