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    Xmas gift for dad

    Shopping for my dad isnt the easiest thing to do. He doesnt ski so that narrows it down a little. however, we do snowmobile up at a place of ours in 100 Mile House B.C. So im thinking about throwing together some stuff for our snowmobile trips. i got a bag thatll attach to the sled, now i gotta fill it up. ideas thus far: comealong sp? and rope for gettin unstuck, handsaw for clearing the trails, emergency stuff (flares, tarp...). any more ideas...

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    Extra gloves, hat. Fire starter. A joint? Although I am sober on that front, and I am just kidding, you never know what goes on in might have to bribe a local.
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    Quote Originally Posted by str8line
    A joint?

    (seriously guy, I don't know if I can take the whole "camp" thing with you if this is what you think about...)

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