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    Expert-advice needed

    Could do with some advice on this one............

    After rippin' the European Alps next 2 weeks (because we're getting snow overhere!) I'll be heading off to Vancouver on january 1 (10.00 AM, hope the party doesn't get out of hand to much) for a week. Whistler will be the main goal for the week but I'm very eager to see and ski Mt. Baker as well. I've been to Whistler so I know it can be top notch. Never been to Mt. Baker......
    Because we have the opportunity to stay in a very good hotel in Vancouver for a very low price we are planning to hire a car and drive over to Whistler or Mt. Baker in the morning and back in the eveninig.

    Now I know it's not ideal but the question is can it be done or are you all calling me "insane in the membrane"? How bad can it be?
    Both should be 2 houres drive away.

    Will they let you cross the border with a hired car?

    As an alternative, are the any good and decent priced places to stay on the way to whistler or Mt. Baker? Doesn't have to be the cheapest of the cheapest. I've payed the toptourist price 2 years ago in Whistler and I would like to do it a little bit different this time.


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    driving to Whistler or Baker in the morning is no prob from vanc... assuming your rental car place is ok with the border crossing. Btw if you go to Baker there is a border crossing more east that is barely used, it drops you into glacer, form hwy 1.. just look on a map.

    o yea buy liquor at the border crossing much cheaper.

    that is all

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    What's your nationality? It might possibly (actually I have no idea) get a bit dicey taking a rented car over the border if you're not American or Canadian.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheesehead
    As an alternative, are the any good and decent priced places to stay on the way to whistler or Mt. Baker?
    Coupla places in Squamish about 30 (?) min. from Whistler. Not sure if there's a shuttle service to/from Whistler, probably is though.

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    Thanx so far.....guys!

    Funny thing is Iceman, that I'm from the same country (Holland) as the guy who's pointing his middlefinger on Dubu's picture is. What a coincidence . Flat as a mirror but still an addict (not the drugtype though.....).
    Half Australian so maybe that makes it even worse. As I write this it sounds like a very bad combination indeed!
    Anyway, by pointing his finger he propably means to say that he doesn't give a shit that petrolprizes in Europe are skyhigh and that dumping oil in the seas and stuff like that doesn't bother him at all.

    Half Dutch / Half Australian and showing my middle finger at the border will definitely not get me in.
    Will ask them at the car-rent.......

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    I'm no expert, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night....

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    I'm no expert, but if you are brown and/or wearing a head dress, you might be mistaken for a terrorist. Take no explosives nor drugs.

    You would not be the first person to cross a border with a rental car. I imagine the rental place can sort out all you need.

    And speak English goddammit!
    Ski, Bike, Climb.
    Resistence is futile.

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