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    Baron stuck in ski mode?

    Took a two-week ski trip and discovered a couple days into it that one of my skis mounted with Barons wouldn't go into tour mode as we're about to skin out a traverse. Cleared out any icing I could see, and still couldn't get it to move. Switch lever would move to 90 degrees from the ski, but felt like it was jammed on something. Skied for the rest of the day and brought the skis in overnight in case it was some other ice jammed in there. Next morning indoors, all melted, still jams up at the same spot. It feels like it's hitting an obstruction, but I can't see anything that's causing it. All screws were in and flush when I mounted it, so not sure what else could be jamming it up.

    Anyone else had this problem? Any problem pieces and hopefully tips to resolve? Love the skis, and other problem is if I can't change modes, there's no way I can take the bindings off them either, without fully breaking things.

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    There is most likely a screw head sticking up. Since the moving track goes right over the screws heads, they MUST be flush and tight.
    Since it happened right away, I'm guessing that the baseplate settled and exposed a not-tight-enough binding screw.
    Try slipping a metal scraper under the binding while you work the mechanism free.
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    Might have gotten a small stone into one of the screw heads?

    Can't think of how to get it apart. If it is dirt, maybe running water over the track while you pivot back and forth. Not a good option if its a screw though.

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    How cambered are your skis underfoot? I've found that if I try to switch modes with the ski "unsupported" it often does what you're describing. Same with another buddy on the pretty much the same ski/binding combo.

    I brace one end of the ski in the snow and flex it somewhat flatter underfoot and voila, it glides right into position. It's also more pronounced when the binding is new, seems to be some sort of break-in period.

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    pro-tip: pee on them

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