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    Tahoe Conditions

    Whats up! Im planning a trip to Tahoe (heavenly?) between March 21st and 25th. What are the conditions usually like during that time of year, what should i expect. I know here in New England it can be hit or miss, well I guess it always is in on the EC. I plan on calling the mountains around S Lake but Im sure they will say the conditions are unbelievable, thought Id get an unbiased opinion. Any other ideas where I should go if you think the conditions will suck?



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    Who the fuck knows? You're talking about two months from now.

    Its usually awesome in March. Still getting dumped on, longer days, way warmer than New England. It might be spring conditions, it might be mid-winter pow.

    Check during the week before you come for the best forecast I've found.

    Based on what you posted, you should definitely go to Heavenly, you'll love it there.
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    In any case, if you're ever really in this situation make sure you at least bargain in a couple of fluffers.

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    Lousy Smarch weather

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    Check back in to the following thread closer towards your trip.

    [ame=""]10/11 Tahoe Weather, Conditions, Stoke, and What's Up Thread - Teton Gravity Research Forums[/ame]
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    My guess is there will be snow on the ground and the sun may or may not be out....the lake will be blue as well.....
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