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    Quote Originally Posted by Socialist View Post
    im charged gst/hst/pst (?/st) on most everything
    That's because you're the reincarnation of Karl Marx.

    Yr just unlucky, son.

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    Just for an update - sent some 187 Manaslus with Dynafit bindings from Idaho to a dude in Edmonton. My box was 76" long, USPS clerk stated 79" was maximum. For International Priority (ie via Air) the total damage was $51.80 and max insurance is $675. It really wasn't that hard to do - clerk probably got tendinitis rubber stamping all the forms though.

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    There is a lot of misinformation in this thread. I've shipped plenty of skis to Canada and actually looked up the requirements. Print the damn Canada shipping page from the USPS (or at least the relevant parts) and bring it with you to the post office.

    While it's true that USPS clerks will typically try to enforce the standard international length limit (42 inches), if you look at the shipping to Canada page on the USPS website you find there is instead a 79 inch limit. Pricing is ENTIRELY DEPENDENT ON WEIGHT. You simply must meet the 79 inch length limit and 108 inch length plus girth limit.

    I went the extra kilometer for you and checked this year's official tariff. Canadians, print this shit out before you pick up your gear. Downhill skis are free. Other skis and snowboards are 7.5%. Binders are 7%. Poles and other crap are 6.5%. So just mark the damn thing "downhill skis 9506.11.10 00." I excerpted the relevant page from the PDF file and attached it to this post. You can find the source here:

    Quote Originally Posted by USPS
    wt (lbs) price (USD)
    1 $21.25
    2 23.1
    3 24.95
    4 26.8
    5 28.65
    6 30.5
    7 32.35
    8 34.2
    9 36.05
    10 37.9
    11 39.85
    12 41.8
    13 43.75
    14 45.7
    15 47.65
    16 49.6
    17 51.55
    18 53.5
    19 55.45
    20 57.4
    21 59.35
    22 61.3
    23 $63.25
    24 65.2
    25 67.15
    see link for the rest:

    Quote Originally Posted by USPS
    The maximum size dimensions for Priority Mail International parcels vary by country and are noted in the Individual Country Listings. See 231.23 for determining length or length and girth combined for rectangular and nonrectangular parcels.

    Quote Originally Posted by USPS
    Size Limits (231.22)

    Maximum length: 79 inches

    Maximum length and girth combined: 108 inches

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    the short version:

    79 inch length limit.
    mark them "downhill skis" and there'll be no duty.
    bring printouts to post office 'cause the staph there won't believe you.

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