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    2010 Causeway Classic tailgate

    The wife's cousin plays (or played) safety for UCDavis. Last week, during the storm that gave us instant winter in tahoe, we drove over the hill and down to Davis for the annual Causeway Classic rivalry between Sacramento State and UCDavis. This was senior day and dan's last football game. Dan's mother asked me to snap a few shots during the tailgate because no one in their family ever takes photos at these sorts of events.

    I left the camera in the truck as the rain started just before we walked to the game. The stadium was evacuated during halftime due to an electrical storm and was delayed just long enough to give us time to drive to dan's house and watch the game on his tv. Dan won his last football game 17-16.

    I figured I would share a few here, c&c is welcome...

    1. wifey-poo (right) and cousin jess

    2. dan's mom, the causeway was the annual thanksgiving tailgate

    3. dan's dad chats up everyone

    4. dan's brother andrew (right) and his friend

    5. lloyd (grandpa, right) was crying when he walked onto the field with dan

    6. cousin tim

    7. dan's girlfriend katie and lloyd

    8. wifey poo and dan's mom

    9. lloyd, dan's brother andrew, and cousin tim

    10. dan's mom

    11. lloyd

    12. wifeypoo

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    I like the subtle processing you did here.

    Did anyone think you were weird for taking everyone's pictures like that at a tailgate party?

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    thanks steve...

    I've found that people act relatively normal when someone pulls out a point n shoot. Less so when you pull out an SLR.

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    +1 on the muted processing - works great. #7 is my favorite because of the DoF.
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    not because of the hot girl?

    thanks fuzz...

    I was trying for a vintage-y, small, old school, college football look...

    all shot with a 35mm f/1.8 at varying apertures between f2.2 and 1.8

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    Nothing productive to add except: Sac State Sucks.
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