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    be here now

    TGR once again proving they are true supporter of mtn culture - a Deeper TR

    3 months ago we at the Central Oregon Avalanche Association got a wild idea....let's contact TGR and see if they had a Bend grassroots organization involved with their "Deeper" premier. A quick pm to TGR420 got me going in the right direction and with the necessary momentum to make it a reality.

    With Teton Gravity Research's blessing (big ups!) and the hard work of TGR PNW tour manager Brett Neste, the Bend premier of Deeper turned into an amazing early season stokathon for the Central OR mountain community and a helluva darn successful fundraiser for COAA.

    So here's to TGR, Brett, Jeremy Jones and Jones Snowboards, all the sponsors national and guys rock and are true believers in the power of mountain culture to change (and save) lives. Thank you for supporting organizations like COAA.

    And what would the post be without the always relevent avy snacks....Be smart, take an avy class, know how to use your beacon, and enjoy Mother Nature and Ullr's mad sex romp known as SNOW!

    Yes, last Wednesday was a fine night for the seasons first winter film.

    Nothing like a snowboard flick on a 60 degree night to draw out the puffies

    Mr. Brett Neste, TGR PNW Tour Manager - the man with the goods

    The mammacita's in da houz

    Dreadlock Daddies gotta get their stoke on too.

    COAA got prime real estate to raise awareness

    and BCA's Betsy Nelson joined COAA to edumacate our fellow peeps

    Bend kicked Portland's ass when it came to attendance. Whatup, P-Town bishes?

    COAA got some facetime....big ups, the Central Oregon backcountry community is strong and we're getting stronger

    and then the raffle.....with Jones Snowboards stepping up big and giving away a new Mountain Twin

    And the winner is.....

    The Grom! Hell yeah!

    After that, we got down to business with Deeper. The theater quieted down and just soaked in the heavy the lines that Jeremy and crew were throwing down. Most folks i talked to after the show were really impressed, and a lot of "Best Snowboarding Movie I've ever seen" was heard.

    Full on.
    Let me lock in the system at Warp 2
    Push it on into systematic overdrive
    You know what to do

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    F'n Midwest again
    way to go.
    Looks like a very rewarding experience.
    Wish we had some peeps in the chicago area who would show up like this.
    Good sponsors and venue as well.
    Aggressive in my own mind

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    get 'em bert

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