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    Something like that. Dr. said on of the screws had backed out slightly. It wasn't threaded into the plate.

    Short has felt great since day one. I'm going paragliding in France tomorrow, 9ish weeks post opp.

    I took zero Oxys. I hate that shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norseman View Post
    Stoked for you man. I'm so glad I took mine out. Bugged the shit out of me, took it out at the earliest opportunity.

    Still haven't found a cool use for the titanium... thinking maybe machine a little steel jaw that screws onto the plate and use it as a bottle opener.

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    I still have a plate in my left shoulder from breaking my clavicle about 19 years ago..... it bugged me for about the first 10 years but now i don't really notice. I have been thinking about getting it removed since about the time it got put in.

    Right collarbone, the one I broke this summer, is doing well. I'd say I'm about to 95% back and painfree. While recovery was a little longer, I'm happy I avoided surgery.

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