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    Spray painting a powder coated surface?

    So I can score a receiver hitch for my exploder for dirt cheap. The reason why its dirt is its powder coated fire engine red. So a repaint is in order. I have spray painted before but nothing that is powder coated. I know the first step is to sand to make sure there is a surface that paint will actually stick to. I guess my main question is there any reason to primer this thing? Will primer over sanded powder coat be functional or will the sanded powder coat function as a primer?

    Also it seams that a epoxy paint is the way to go. Anybody have any input on this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rludes025 View Post
    its powder coated fire engine red.

    Leave it.

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    you really don't even need to sand it. Just use rustoleum, and you'll be good to go. Don't even really need the primer, but it will help a little.

    Rustoleum is the shit. I use it to touch up all of my powder coated gates.

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    I just did a mountain bike fork with Rustoleum. It looks great and is holding up surprisingly well.

    The most important thing is to make sure it's absolutely clean: use degreaser. I sanded lightly, but I'm not sure it makes too much difference if the surface is 100% clean.

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