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    Quote Originally Posted by gnarbro365 View Post
    Little truckee has been getting hammered this year. Sneaky approach and perfect presentations can land you some nice fish, though.

    Tons of access for the (big) Truckee. I’ve heard it called the “Tricky”, but the river is filled with fish, and plenty of hogs. I’d say the (big) Truckee would be a better bet...just walk a little further to be rewarded. Nymphing on both rivers and a streamer might entice a troot on the big.

    Lil’ Truckee Troot
    Attachment 298950

    (Big) Truckee Troot
    Attachment 298951
    Yeah Gnarbro those are CHONKERS!

    I was unexpectly in truckee without a rod years ago and spent a minute sitting on a rock watching three significant fish eating nymphs in the seam in front me. I could live around truckee
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    Thanks gnarbro and light ranger for following up. I bailed on traveling with all the gear. Only to get here and instantly regret the decision. I clearly should have consulted TheFugitive prior to departure.

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