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    Dang mang. Good luck with that.

    First place I went yesterday was rough. Tons of white water. Paddled most of the day for like 5 waces. Second place I went though was pristine. Lots of the waves were even better than this one.

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    Nice shot!

    It was pumping down here. I surfed between tower 28 and tower 32. It was consistently shoulder high +, with some head high to slightly overhead sets. I surfed from 11 to 130. It was clean, with long lefts, absolutely beautiful. The funny thing was that I checked the afternoon report on Surfline and it said 2-3+ for the lower jetties in Newport! That was odd, I guess they did not wait to see a set.

    I will say with Surfline that the lower jetties cam in Newport always makes it look smaller than it is. If it looks chest high, it is probably close to head high. They also consistently underestimate the size for that zone, which is strange considering they are giving a report based on a visual inspection, not the camera. If any of you guys are in this area and checking the cams keep that in mind.
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