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    Jul 2008

    "Summer" in the PNW

    Took a four day trip up to the Mt. Jefferson area for a little R&R before my biz partner leaves town for a month and to get some fishing time in. Didn't take a ton of pics (except we seem to have a ton of the dog) but quick TR before I head out for the fights below.

    Jack White song inspiration?

    Lake #1 still mostly frozen. Didn't see anything surfacing, never bothered tossing a fly

    Jasmine checks for alpenglow on the surrounding hills

    View of Jefferson on hike to lake #2

    Stream crossing on way to lake #2. I'm getting old and my time in CA made me soft, feet went numb just about instantly

    Ahhhh, this looks a bit more fishable

    The fog has lifted, the earth has shifted, and hopefully the fish will raise

    AH-HA! First fish on the new to me rod/reel. These things had INSANE color on 'em

    The ladyfriend tries her hand on the fly for the first time

    ...and ends up catching her first fish on the fly and now wants to get her own setup (anybody got an old 4 or 5 wt they want to part with?)

    A little pre-dinner digging

    ...makes for a tired dog

    Sorry for lack of fish pics, was tough balancing on the logs to unhook and take a pic.
    Be careful about buying snowboard goggles for skiing. Snowboard goggles come in right eye and left eye (for goofy-footers) dominant models. This can make it hard to see correctly when skiing because you are facing straight down the hill, not sideways.

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    Interstate A3
    I love high mountain lakes and fishing. Do work!
    the kids are all wasted on pot listening to heavy metal

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