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    Eskimo-rolling a Feathercraft??

    Anybody have any experience eskimo-rolling a Feathercraft collapsable cloth over frame kayak?

    I'm going to be borrowing a friend's Featherlight for a trip, and I think it might be an absolute BEAR to roll. It is a K-1 Expedition Feathercraft....about 16.5 feet long and 25 inch beam, and about 52 pounds.

    I used to have a Hydra Searunner 17 foot sea-kayak until some asshole stole it. Beautiful lines, but wasn't easy to eskimo roll, either. Most of the time ended up doing a bail and self-rescue. Squirt boats and such eski-roll like a dream...but wider, longer sea-kayaks are a bitch, sometimes. I figure a Feathercraft would be even harder, due to its semi hard-chine hull.

    Anyone have experience rolling one one of these? It would sure be easier than a skirted Klepper, or Folbot anyway!!

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    I havent missed a roll in my 17 fty necky elaho HV , its 22.5 inches wide and has a rounder shape which rolls well ... not cuz I am a great paddler

    my ZG 54 playboat is 24 + inches wide ,the hull is flat with corners so its like trying to turn over a dock ... I have missed more than a few rolls in the ZG

    SO seakayaks are usually narrower and rounder than play boats we roll all the time BUT IMO the big thing is having PROPER hip pads which you almost never see in seakayaks ... I have rolled seakayaks where I almost fell out

    I put almost 3" of mini cell on each hip in the elaho ,I never tried rolling the elaho until I was properly fitted but I found good hip pads ALSO made the boat easier to paddle in a straight line cuz you have 6 points of connection to the boat feet/knees/hips ,without hip pads you lose 2 of them SO IME hip pads give a better connection with the boat

    IMO rolling a seakayak specificaly is just a hollywood move at the lake ... I really don't want to put myself in a situation where I need to roll a seakayak

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    the trick with rolling a sea kayak is to first make sure you are actually fully over. more often than not the boat itself is not completely hull up and you need a hip check to set it up otherwise you are rolling against teh chine and that won't work very well. you just need a good hip snap and it helps to sweep roll

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