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Thread: northwest drops

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    northwest drops

    me and a buddy are looking to run some rivers in northwest mt, looking for some good drops. we did yaak falls a couple of years ago in the summer and want to hit it a little higher. we'll be on a cataraft, not sure if well be rowing or paddling it, but we would like to run with some other paddlers for safety, if anyone is interested we are, and if you know of some more drops or rivers like that let me know, I checked out the vermilion on the 25th of may, would like to try and hit the falls if I had some experienced paddlers with and we could set up a safety. and again anyone know of some bigger volume falls that would be worth the trip to run?

    us on yaak falls
    [nomedia=""]YouTube- team eightyfive on yakk falls[/nomedia]

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    Palouse Falls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RootSkier View Post
    Palouse Falls.
    I'll buy you a beer if you run that in a kataraft!

    And about that drop, it really doesn't count as running it if you swim!

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    check out

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