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    destination wedding can work with 9 months notice - we got 50+ people to Verbier.

    we did one big happy hour - no seating chat - saved on hours of BS - and the apps are the best part anyway. We made a deal with the photographer for the negatives (it was out of country).
    Mrs. Splean's mom did the cake. nothing fancy, but nobody ever says 'it would have been a great wedding - if the cake was better'.
    some places will let you pay a corking fee for wine - that saved a lot of $$$.
    DJ - our play lists - no talking - easy. cheap.
    had to flow on the open bar - but my friends traveled a long way, so it was worth it. Can't be a cheapo on the booze.
    Our friends help set up, and we did not got nuts with flowers.
    Syms does tuxes for the same cost as a rental. no big deal.
    disposable cameras are great - some of our best shots came from them. but everyone has digital cams now anyway.

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    Wow, I lost track of this thread since it wasn't showing up in "New Posts" (thanks to the Padded Room password situation).

    Lots of great advice, and a lot of stuff that echos what I was feeling.

    FWIW - the wedding is going to be a 2-part setup. 1st part, mostly family, a few friends, probably less than 50 people total. We'll be at a winery, have wine/cheese/crackers/etc afterwards and mill about for an hour or two. We're doing it early in the day, so they're giving us a ridiculous deal, and they're still going to be open for tastings while we're mingling, so it doesn't cut into their business. The initial price they quoted us (without wine/food involved, but including all the chairs, etc) was $250. Can't beat that! We'll buy a couple cases of wine at a discount, and that'll be that.

    The reception (part 2) will be our annual Oktoberfest party (it was scheduled before the wedding was, and consolidating the 2 makes sense so that people don't have to travel twice, or choose which to travel for). The goal (as a lot of people have suggested) is to throw a kickass party that doesn't feel like a wedding reception. The cool thing is, the original Oktoberfest was a wedding celebration, too, so we can kind of piggyback on that. We'll invite all of our normal Oktoberfest people, even the ones that weren't at the wedding, so it'll feel more like the usual party than a reception at that point.

    The wedding will be super low-key, but the GF is determined to get dressed up (she said she just wants to look like a princess for one day, but plans to wear jeans/t-shirt at the party). I've got photographer friends (including one who runs a wedding photography business) who have volunteered to take the pictures. I may swap airfare for photos and pay for his plane ticket, but I'll still come out WAYYYY ahead.

    No band, I don't think, but we may try to hire a local oom-pah band, if we can swing it. Budget for this thing is tight, so we're making our own invites, etc. My mom is making the cake, which she used to do (years ago) professionally, so that's one thing we don't have to worry about.

    Basically, the biggest expense will be the tent we'll have at the party, in case of rain. Those things are friggin' EXPENSIVE. Even without sides or a dance floor or lights, or any of that crap, we're still looking at $1200-$1500 for a 40x20-ish tent, and if it's not rainy or unbearably hot, we won't even need/use it. Lame. That alone will cost almost as much as everything else put together.

    I just wanted to be sure that the things we were planning on cutting out (videographer, lots of flowers, etc) are the same sorts of things that other people cut out without missing, too...

    As an aside, I'm really impressed by how many long-term marriages there are popping in on this thread. I'm always amazed by the variety of people and life experiences represented here.

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    what the fuck are you on here asking for advice for? seems like your own plan has everyone else's advice beat. bride seems cool too

    with the tent just make sure it not at the bottom of any hilly portion, so if it rains you dont end up getting all that water running down
    Decisions Decisions

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    Another vote for no videographer. I think we had one when I got married 5 years ago, and I don't think I've ever seen the video, nor do I care to. Maybe when we're 60 it would be good for nostalgia, but generally, I don't really care for videos of myself.

    Can you cut out the tent? You should have a fair handle on the weather a week in advance. Plus, depending on where you live and the time of year, you should know if there's a goood chance of rain or crazy heat anyway. $1200 for nothing is a lot. Maybe you could just hand out army surplus ponchos at the door if it rains.

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    turn your wedding into a rave ... hire DJ si-fi from nelson he spins at the Velvet Underground in Nelson
    It will be quite the party, we have plans...... I am not into the rave scene so much, like a lot of electronic music though. Check em out!

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    I think if I were to do it all over, I wouldn't have the petting zoo. Especially when the goats got out and got into the liquor. It just made them angry.
    "Have fun, get a flyrod, and give the worm dunkers the finger when you start double hauling." ~Lumpy

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