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    a couple new movie trailers

    There sure seems to be a ton of fly fishing movies coming out lately. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but with a million trailers online, you get to see the stoke and not really feel like you need to purchase them. :P I guess that is bad for the production companies.

    Anyone else feel like there is a flood of new flicks coming out?

    Here's a couple:

    Once in a Blue Moon (On The Fly):


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    I don't know if any other of these videos out there are fished, shot and edited solo, but amateurs like me aside, it's great to see a lot a good technology being put to use by good fisherman.
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    I like Mush's stuff! I usually notice myself bashing the FFF industry here so here goes with a positive opinion...
    Amazing how this sport has changed in the last 10ish years. Those are some young kids in that last trailer. Look to be some good spey casters too! Pretty dramatic tunes for a "quiet" sport. At least they stayed away from the ski movie-esque tunes. Some good footage and creative looking films.

    I still think the industry shoulda just stopped with "Running Down the Man".

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