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    Quote Originally Posted by TahoeBC View Post
    Hard to believe Iím jealous of your first steps Ben in only 4 weeks!

    Got my staples out 3 days ago and my brace opened to 90. Feels great to have something else to work on getting my range motion back. Dr told me probably 8 more weeks non weight bearing but the bone seems to be healing on schedule. He said I could probably start doing no resistance spinning on a stationary bike at 5 weeks post op, that will be a good day!

    Splat using the CBD quite a bit now, not only on my achy parts that are compensating for my bum knee, but itís helping me with the process of getting my ROM back.

    Have a tens/ems unit I bought a few years ago, been using it every day to fire muscles in my leg. Not sure if itís helping keep any muscle mass, but it definitely seems to help with the swelling in my lower leg as I believe it helps with moving blood around better. Also doing endless leg lifts and crunches but look forward to being able to start PT.
    Ems really works. It will build muscle mass faster than weights. But you need to use pretty high intensities.
    For quads, i sit in a chair and i have to tie my ankles to the chair legs to withstand the forces, otherwise my legs just shoot up.

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    Been using NMES on my quad and recently along my lateral tibia to help with my ankle flexion. Having just as much trouble bending my ankle that I am with my knee. I've been using some CBD cream on my knee (800mg CBD, 40mg THC) and can't really notice any effects other than a pleasant cooling sensation from the menthol. Going to keep using it since I bought it, but it doesn't really penetrate deep down to where my pain is. Edibles, on the other hand, have been working great (50mg CBD, 5mg THC).

    I read a study where they immobilized people's legs for 5 days and used NMES on half of the group. The group that had electrical stimulation maintained more muscle mass, but still lost strength the same as the control group. I think maintaining mass will make regaining strength faster though.
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    I’ll have to say I’m impressed with the EMS results, I’m actually building back muscle mass and tone, girlfriend even noticed the improvement yesterday. Spend a couple hours a day working the quads, hamstrings and calf’s with it.

    As far a CBD goes in my experience, I have had no noticeable effects taking it internally, with the exception of edibles and I’m not sure how much can be attributed to the high taking my mind off the pain, but cbd by itself internally does nothing for me.
    On the other hand I’ve hand great results with CBD creams, but it kinda depends on the pain, I find they either work nearly immediately or they provide little relief. Cbd creams are not all created equal, Splats Cbd cream is very good and I’ve been using it multiple times a day, mostly on my other sore parts but also on the medial non surgery side of me knee and underneath as I work on range of motion. Still waiting for my surgical scar to be scab free before using it more extensively.

    I can get to my 90 degree limit with zero issues now but have some more work to get to zero.

    Next week I see my surgeon, hope I’ll be cleared for no resistance training on my bike which I have set up on the trainer already, that will be a big day for me when that happens.

    One thing that’s been an enormous help for me was I ordered a zero gravity chair just before surgery, has heat and a massage feature. Was not cheap but it’s been key to helping stay comfortable and keep the leg elevated.
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    I also purchased a couple wedge pillows to help me with more options to try and stay more comfortable in bed, the one I got to elevate my legs is useful for laying on the floor also
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    I was using a roller for awhile as kind of a poor mans CPM machine to work on range of motion using the bottom of my foot and the back of my heal to move my knee from zero to 90 rocking back and forth. Developed a pretty sore bruise on the back of my heal though as my foot is still pretty sensitive and swells up by the end of the day especially the more time I spend not elevated. Anyway gave that up, but was nice when I could do it.

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    So at 5 weeks post op I got my brace fully opened and given the ok for no resistance spinning on the bike trainer, within a few days I had worked up t to o 1 1/2 hours a day spinning. That was getting boring so I figured if I was careful I could do no resistance spinning on my ebike letting my good leg and the assist do all the work. Doing 30 some miles most days now, knee feels so much better after every ride. Hopefully at my orthopedic surgeon appointment next Thursday he’ll start letting me bear weight on the TPF leg, feels like I’m ready to walk again.

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    What fucked me up after my acl/meniscus surgery was riding my bike and unconsciously jumping off my bike onto that repaired leg, ripping my meniscus open again and shredding it hard. Happy healing dude. You sound like you're doing well. Don't do what I did.

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    Guess it's my turn

    Hey guys, I found this thread about 4 weeks after my injury. I suffered a severe tibial plateau while skiing and had an EX-fix(4/1/21) on for 2 weeks before having ORIF(4/15/21) with 2 large plates and 14+ screws. They also removed several inches of "dead bone" but didn't really explain to me how that will affect me in the long run. I am extremely down and discouraged as I am a ski boot fitter and my life revolves around the outdoors. I'm glad to have found this thread both for knowledge and encouragement but it is also a bit daunting seeing how long this will be lasting. The surgeon said this is one of the worst he has seen and described my leg as being "in close to 50 pieces" aka my leg was shattered. I have successfully been able to straighten my leg and start some very minimal range of motion exercises at home, I see my PT for the first time early next week. I cannot say I have read the entire thread but don't see a lot of talk about misalignment. I know it's early but my leg is visibly crooked and it's really a mind fuck trying to imagine how it will ever work properly again. The docs say everything in the x-rays look straight but that is only partially reassuring as every time I look down my knee and foot don't line up. I have a follow up next week and hope to have some good news on my staples being removed. Thanks to everyone that has posted encouraging status updates on this thread, I will be doing my best to stay positive and put in work with the PT to get some of my life back. Will post pics when able

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    Search for a private Facebook page called “tibia plateau fracture recovery” you will need to request to join the group. It’s very active with members from around the world with all kinds of TPF breaks. You will probably get more answers to your questions there.

    Maybe this link will work!/groups/tpf...&source=result

    Good luck, my break was not nearly as bad as yours. I worked hard at recovery, walked for the first time today 10 weeks post surgery l, 11 weeks since I broke it.

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