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    2010 Volkl Katana Review east coasters review


    finessy charger who can ski nearly anything but prefers trees

    past skis liked that are closest to the katana

    192cm Atomic Thug(the katana effectively replaces this skis for me)
    183cm Volkl Gotama - great everyday ski and quite nimble

    tested in competion for the my thug replacement
    185cm Line Mothership - awesome skis just this isnt the place for them
    188cm Rossi S7 - fun in powder and soft snow the katana plows though shit snow better though
    179cm Hellbent - again not a bad skis just doesnt do it for me
    183cm Bent chentler - great powder jib ski not as versatile for me as the katana
    184cm Blizzard Answer - closest to the Katana I found after the fact of buying my katana from this board.

    skis tested

    2010 Volkl Katana
    25.2 meters

    camber profile

    full reverse camber but very slight rise there is NO camber, There is NO flat spot despite what people read. this is true for any 2010 and presumably newwer katana.


    mounted with dukes on the line

    unlike most skis where I can tell you different flex from skiing it and hand flexing this skis is REALLY hard to pin down. hand flexing its flexes medium stiff to stiff along the whole ski along the whole ski except the the tip is slightly softer. skiing it though the ski never feels stiff and yet never feels like its get deflected or let you down. Its that good the whole ski is an enigma and has performance attributes that shouldnt go together at all.

    Powder - easy easy. Skis is both nimble, and stable. I never felt it get hooky, yet you can bleed speed of in a hurry when you need to. the ski feels as if it accelerates though wind slabbed snow and makes less than ideal powder snow feel ideal. stomps landing with easy. noodles though trees, charges at speed when you need it. skis both longer and shorter than the 183cm length depending on the situation. Skis better in powder than anything I have ever owned. Basically you name it and it does it that good.

    great video of the type of skiing I do on this ski, I am being chased in the green pants. 12-16inch of consolidated smooth light powder.

    Day after storm to many days after storm, crud tracked, and skied out trees. this is where the Katana has almost magical like qualities. simply put you have as much edge as you need and never any more. Need to pivot? simple just keep the ski flat, need to slarve just ride the bases and yippie any size turn you would ever need. It also handles crud of all types great, never gets deflected and never hooks an edge, yet hold a hard carving edge in harder crud when you want it to do that. this ski IMO is an east coast Demon because it can deal with any kinda of snow you can throw at it. handles slushy days as well as anything.

    groomers, ice - it holds an edge on icey east coast groomers not the best but does the job, on softer groomers it actually alot of fun. GS turns hold great with just a bit of softness. much better than the new Gotama in this regard.

    Bumps - skis ski bumps better than any skis like this has a right to. Seriously a great bump ski with either mid winter chalky snow or any bit of softness in the spring time. some tight bumps at MRG I am looker's left.


    jumping - ski is a tank to jump with, practically the worst ski to jump with I have ever owned. Lands drops great but just getting it to air is a chore. My other rockered skis "the one" practically encourage jumping.

    skinning - fresh powder great skis get up the hill fine, but on hardpack the skis is sketchy and tend to wander and not hold the slope so well. Not saying don mount with dukes but its not a good choice for someones only touring skis. VERY heavy as well.

    final line - damp,smooth, nimble stable. A bulldozer crossed with a WRC car. One of the best soft snow biased everyday skis I have ever skied. It has more strengths than weakness and I think of alot of recent reviews are agreeing with me that this is one of the best ski in this area.

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    just curious if you have skied the 09 katana's & how they might compare

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