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    Vholdr CountourHD software problems

    I kinda like this cam, but it's starting to piss me off. Anyone with this cam have problems uploading videos. Everytime I try to upload one it gets to 90-99% and then I get an error: Server Error (HTTP Code 400)

    I'm running MacOSx and using their easy edit software. I sent an e-mail to their support team and just got a message back saying they basically have no idea what's going on, and for me to try to upload smaller vids. Well the small vids work, but I don't want to upload a short clip... I want to be able to upload up to 500mb like it's supposed to.

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    Have you tried just copying the files across as you would with a USB stick?

    Plug the cam in to the computer, open finder, click CONTOURHD under 'devices' on the left hand side of the menu.

    Open the folder DCIM, then 100Media. The individual video files should be there, and you can drag them into a folder on your computer to copy them over. Or, you can even view the files without copying them to the computer.

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    I had issues using the software to import the video too. I just skipped it and open the folders directly.

    The vholdr software is...lacking

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    I just up load the files with iPhoto. It recognizes the Contour as a still camera and it imports its files to the library. I double click the icons, which are marked with a movie camera to indicate they are movie clips, and they open in Quick Time. No hassles what so ever.

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    i plug in the camera via the usb cable and windows takes over from there. using movie maker live to edit the video. i have other options but those both work most seemlessly for me with the contourhd and 1080. i have problems where the easy edit software hangs trying to change the time of the camera every time i open it. if i want to change the settings on the 1080 i just edit the file FW_RTC.txt and save it to the card and i'm good to go. When i spoke with their techs he said there were 'gremlins' currently within the easy edit software that they hope to have resolved soon.

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